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Hospitality Properties Sold


Pamela J. Long

Hospitality Business Resume

East Coast Inn Brokers

January 2011 - Present

Deerhill Inn and Restaurant, West Dover, Vt. Closed May 18, 2011, $1,250,000 to Ariane Burgess and Scott Kocher.

Chatham Gables Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Chatham, Massachusetts, Closed December 11, 2012 $1,750,000 to David and Andrea Smith Buyer Clients.

The New England House Restaurant, Brattleboro, Vermont.  Closed September 20, 2013 $675,000 to Kurt and Selma Johnson.

The Monadnock Inn and Thorndike's Restaurant, Jaffrey Center, NH., Closed March 12, 2014 $715,000 to Randy and Cheryl Beers.

The Inn at Ormsby Hill, Manchester Center, Vermont.  Closed November 22, 2016 $1,400,000 to Jack and Mary Ann Orlando Buyer Clients

Stone Hill Inn, Stowe, Vermont.  Closed December 9, 2016 $1,545,000 to Todd and Kristie Roling Buyer Clients

Home Hill Inn, Plainfield, New Hampshire.  Closed August 17, 2017 $1,800,000 to Jay Wolter.

The Woodstocker, Woodstock, Vermont, Closed March 5, 2018, $1,200,000 to Karim Houry and Isabelle Chicoine.

The Huntington House, Rochester, Vermont, Closed August 29, 2018, $775,000 to Vincent and Regina Purcell.

The Doveberry Inn, West Dover, Vermont, Closed June 12, 2020, $210,000 to Timothy Ryan.

The Snow Goose Inn, West Dover, Vermont, Closed August 7, 2020, $512,500 to Jonathan and Cheryl Parker.

The Horizon Inn, Wilmington, Vermont, Closed October 28, 2020, $197,192 to Christian Engel and Jennifer Betit-Engel.

The Hermitage Inn, West Dover, Vermont, Closed April 1, 2021, $1,775,000 to Timothy Hall and Mary Lou Ricci.

The Four Chimneys Inn, Old Bennington, Vermont, Closed March 31, 2022, $2,345,000 to Kathryn Goble and Marc Baetens.

The Hearthside Group
January 1, 2001 – December 2010

The Inn at Montpelier, A Boutique Hotel, Montpelier, Vt.  Closed June 30, 2009 $3,000,000 to John and Karel Underwood.

Seven Hills Inn and Restaurant, Lenox, MA.  Closed April 4, 2008 $1,415,000
to Denis and Robin Wong.

Fox Creek Inn and Restaurant, Chittenden, Vt. Closed December 13, 2007 $1,165,000 to Jim and Sandy Robertson

Two Tannery Road Restaurant, West Dover, Vt. Closed January 17, 2006 $699,000 to Bob and Deb Chapin.

The Snowvillage Inn and Restaurant, Eaton,, New Hampshire.  Closed May 25, 2005 $1,520,000.00 to Bern & Karen Galat Buyer Clients.

The Green Trails Inn, A Bed & Breakfast, Brookfield, Vt. Closed February 11, 2005 $235,000.00 to Jane Doerfer.

The Greenville Arms 1889 Inn, A Bed & Breakfast, Greenville, New York.  Closed December 1, 2004 $1,295,000 to Mark and Kim LaPolla.

The Swift House Inn and Restaurant, Middlebury, Vt. sold June 29, 2004 $2,400,000 to Dan and Michelle Brown

The Featherbed Inn, A Bed & Breakfast, Waitsfield, Vt., $835,000 sold June 22, 2004 to Tom and Linda Gardner.

The Hermitage Inn and Restaurant, West Dover Vermont, $2,500,000 sold May 27, 2004 to Winter Knight.

The Burgundy Rose Motor Inn, A Lodge, Stowe, Vt. $390,000 sold December 30, 2003 to Steve and Gail Olencki.

The Hartness House Inn and Restaurant, Springfield, Vt. $1,050,000 Sold July 28, 2003 to Alex and Alla Leonenko.

The Swift House Inn and Restaurant, Middlebury, Vt. $2,200,000.00 Sold July 8, 2003 to James and Katrina Kappel former Buyer Clients.

The Nutmeg Inn and Restaurant, Wilmington, Vt. $900,000.00 Sold May 9, 2003 to Buyer Clients Gerry and Susan Goodman

The Alden Country Inn and Restaurant, Lyme New Hampshire $1,150,000 Sold 9/27/02 to Frank & Darlene Godoy.

The Weathertop Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Waitsfield, Vt. $460,000 Sold 9/24/02 .

The Meadowlark Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Brattleboro, Vt.
Sold 7/31/02 $580,000 to Deb Jones and Lucia Osiecki.

The Deerhill Inn and Restaurant, West Dover, Vt. $1,500,000 Sold June 25, 2002 to Stanley Gresens and Michael Allen.
Seller Clients Michael & Linda Anelli.

The Townshend Country Inn and Restaurant, Townshend, Vt.
Sold April 1, 2002 $440,000 to Chef Sean & Mary Yancey Buyer Clients.

The Pittsfield Inn and Restaurant, Pittsfield, Vt. Sold March 4, 2002 $299,000 to Chef Franco & Susan Cacozza.
Seller Client Tom Yennerell.

Oates & Bredfeldt

Nov. 1, 1997 – Nov. 1, 2000

The Red Clover Innand Restaurant, Mendon, VT.
Sold 2/01 $1,350,000 to David & Mary Strelecki/Melinda Davis
Seller Clients Harris & Sue Zuckerman

The Arrowhead Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Durham, NC.     
Sold 4/13/98  $850,000 to Phil & Gloria Teber
Intensive Buyer Clients

The Nu Wray Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Burnsville, NC.
Sold 1/8/01 to Rosemary Chandler
Seller Clients Doug & Barbara Brown.

The Tulip Tree Inn and Restaurant, Chittenden, VT
Sold 12/8/00 to Alex & Ann Volz
Seller Clients Ed & Rosemary McDowell

The Inn at Manchester, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Manchester, VT.
Sold 11/ /00 $1,600,000 to Ron & Mary Blake
Limited Buyer Client.

The Jackson House Inn and Restaurant, Woodstock, VT.
Lease Option  10/ /00 $2,350,000 to Carl & Linda Delnegro 
Seller Clients Juan & Gloria Florin.


The Pentagoet Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Castine, ME.
Sold 9/ /00 to Julie Van de Graf and Jonathan Burke
Limited Buyer Clients

Ellis River House, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Jackson NH.
Sold 9/ /00 to Jim & Monica Lee
Seller Clients Barry & Barb Lubao

Colby Hill Inn and Restaurant, Henniker, NH.
Sold 9/15 /00 $1,350,000 to J. Mason & Cindy Cobb
Seller Clients John & Ellie Day

The Admiral Benbow Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Newport, RI.
Sold 11/15/00 $925,000 to Win Baker, Owner of Cliffside Inn, Newport, RI
Limited Buyer Client.

The Pilot Knob Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Pilot Knob, NC.
Sold 9/1/00 $1,000,000 to Jennifer & Michael Banks
Seller Client Jim Rouse

The Pilgrim House Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Newport, RI.
Sold 5/29/00 to Barry & Debbie Fonseca
Seller Clients Bruce & Pam Bayuk.

Sunset Hill House Inn and Restaurant, Sugar Hill, NH.
Sold 3/31/00 to Lon and Nancy Henderson
Intensive Buyer Clients

The Manor on Golden Pond, A Bed & Breakfast Inn,  Holderness, NH.
Sold 11/15/99 $4,075,000 to Brian & Mary Ellen Shields
Seller Clients John & Bambi Arnold

Sea Crest By The Sea, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Spring Lake, NJ.
Sold 11/1/99 $1,800,000 to Fred & Virginia Vogel
Seller Clients John & Carol Kirby

Garth Woodside Mansion, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Hannibal, MO.
Sold 8/30/99 $695,000 to John & Julie Rolsen
Seller Clients Irv & Diane Feinberg.

The Mill House Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, East Hampton, LI, NY.
Sold 7/30/99 $1,250,000 to Gary & Sylvia Muller
Seller Client David Hartnett.

The Fairville Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Mendenhall, PA.
Sold 4/1/99  $2,300,000 to Eleanor & Tom Everitt
Seller Client Ole Retlev.

The Governor’s Inn and Restaurant, Ludlow, VT.   
Sold 2/5/99   $625,000 to Jim & Cathy Kubec
Seller Clients Charlie & Deedy Marble.

The Emerson By The Sea Inn and Restaurant, Rockport, MA.
Sold 4/ /98 to Bruce & Michelle Coates
Intensive Buyer Clients.

The Woolverton Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn,  Stockton, NJ.
Sold 4/16/98 to Mark Smith, Matthew Lovett and Carolyn McGavin
Intensive Buyer Clients.

The Four Chimney’s Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Bennington, VT.   
Sold 3/15/98 $1,500,000 to Harold & Chris Cullison
Seller Client Ron Schefkind.

The Weathervane Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, So. Egremont, MA.     
Sold 6/29/98  $850,000 to Jeff & Maxine Lome
Seller Clients Vince & Anne Murphy

The Arlington Inn and Restaurant, Arlington, VT.
Sold 7/98  $1,750,000 to Bill and Sherry Noonan
Intensive Buyer Clients