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Pamela J. Long

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January 2011 - Present

Deerhill Inn and Restaurant, West Dover, Vt. Closed May 18, 2011, $1,250,000 to Ariane Burgess and Scott Kocher.

Chatham Gables Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Chatham, Massachusetts, Closed December 11, 2012 $1,750,000 to David and Andrea Smith Buyer Clients.

The New England House Restaurant, Brattleboro, Vermont.  Closed September 20, 2013 $675,000 to Kurt and Selma Johnson.

The Monadnock Inn and Thorndike's Restaurant, Jaffrey Center, NH., Closed March 12, 2014 $715,000 to Randy and Cheryl Beers.

The Inn at Ormsby Hill, Manchester Center, Vermont.  Closed November 22, 2016 $1,400,000 to Jack and Mary Ann Orlando Buyer Clients

Stone Hill Inn, Stowe, Vermont.  Closed December 9, 2016 $1,545,000 to Todd and Kristie Roling Buyer Clients

Home Hill Inn, Plainfield, New Hampshire.  Closed August 17, 2017 $1,800,000 to Jay Wolter.

The Hearthside Group
January 1, 2001 – December 2010

The Inn at Montpelier, A Boutique Hotel, Montpelier, Vt.  Closed June 30, 2009 $3,000,000 to John and Karel Underwood.

Seven Hills Inn and Restaurant, Lenox, MA.  Closed April 4, 2008 $1,415,000
to Denis and Robin Wong.

Fox Creek Inn and Restaurant, Chittenden, Vt. Closed December 13, 2007 $1,165,000 to Jim and Sandy Robertson

Two Tannery Road Restaurant, West Dover, Vt. Closed January 17, 2006 $699,000 to Bob and Deb Chapin.

The Snowvillage Inn and Restaurant, Eaton,, New Hampshire.  Closed May 25, 2005 $1,520,000.00 to Bern & Karen Galat Buyer Clients.

The Green Trails Inn, A Bed & Breakfast, Brookfield, Vt. Closed February 11, 2005 $235,000.00 to Jane Doerfer.

The Greenville Arms 1889 Inn, A Bed & Breakfast, Greenville, New York.  Closed December 1, 2004 $1,295,000 to Mark and Kim LaPolla.

The Swift House Inn and Restaurant, Middlebury, Vt. sold June 29, 2004 $2,400,000 to Dan and Michelle Brown

The Featherbed Inn, A Bed & Breakfast, Waitsfield, Vt., $835,000 sold June 22, 2004 to Tom and Linda Gardner.

The Hermitage Inn and Restaurant, West Dover Vermont, $2,300,000 sold May 27, 2004 to Winter Knight.

The Burgundy Rose Motor Inn, A Lodge, Stowe, Vt. $390,000 sold December 30, 2003 to Steve and Gail Olencki.

The Hartness House Inn and Restaurant, Springfield, Vt. $1,050,000 Sold July 28, 2003 to Alex and Alla Leonenko.

The Swift House Inn and Restaurant, Middlebury, Vt. $2,200,000.00 Sold July 8, 2003 to James and Katrina Kappel former Buyer Clients.

The Nutmeg Inn and Restaurant, Wilmington, Vt. $900,000.00 Sold May 9, 2003 to Buyer Clients Gerry and Susan Goodman

The Alden Country Inn and Restaurant, Lyme New Hampshire $1,150,000 Sold 9/27/02 to Frank & Darlene Godoy.

The Weathertop Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Waitsfield, Vt. $460,000 Sold 9/24/02 .

The Meadowlark Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Brattleboro, Vt.
Sold 7/31/02 $580,000 to Deb Jones and Lucia Osiecki.

The Deerhill Inn and Restaurant, West Dover, Vt. $1,500,000 Sold June 25, 2002 to Stanley Gresens and Michael Allen.
Seller Clients Michael & Linda Anelli.

The Townshend Country Inn and Restaurant, Townshend, Vt.
Sold April 1, 2002 $440,000 to Chef Sean & Mary Yancey Buyer Clients.

The Pittsfield Inn and Restaurant, Pittsfield, Vt. Sold March 4, 2002 $299,000 to Chef Franco & Susan Cacozza.
Seller Client Tom Yennerell.

Oates & Bredfeldt

Nov. 1, 1997 – Nov. 1, 2000

The Red Clover Innand Restaurant, Mendon, VT.
Sold 2/01 $1,350,000 to David & Mary Strelecki/Melinda Davis
Seller Clients Harris & Sue Zuckerman

The Arrowhead Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Durham, NC.     
Sold 4/13/98  $850,000 to Phil & Gloria Teber
Intensive Buyer Clients

The Nu Wray Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Burnsville, NC.
Sold 1/8/01 to Rosemary Chandler
Seller Clients Doug & Barbara Brown.

The Tulip Tree Inn and Restaurant, Chittenden, VT
Sold 12/8/00 to Alex & Ann Volz
Seller Clients Ed & Rosemary McDowell

The Inn at Manchester, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Manchester, VT.
Sold 11/ /00 $1,600,000 to Ron & Mary Blake
Limited Buyer Client.

The Jackson House Inn and Restaurant, Woodstock, VT.
Lease Option  10/ /00 $2,350,000 to Carl & Linda Delnegro 
Seller Clients Juan & Gloria Florin.


The Pentagoet Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Castine, ME.
Sold 9/ /00 to Julie Van de Graf and Jonathan Burke
Limited Buyer Clients

Ellis River House, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Jackson NH.
Sold 9/ /00 to Jim & Monica Lee
Seller Clients Barry & Barb Lubao

Colby Hill Inn and Restaurant, Henniker, NH.
Sold 9/15 /00 $1,350,000 to J. Mason & Cindy Cobb
Seller Clients John & Ellie Day

The Admiral Benbow Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Newport, RI.
Sold 11/15/00 $925,000 to Win Baker, Owner of Cliffside Inn, Newport, RI
Limited Buyer Client.

The Pilot Knob Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Pilot Knob, NC.
Sold 9/1/00 $1,000,000 to Jennifer & Michael Banks
Seller Client Jim Rouse

The Pilgrim House Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Newport, RI.
Sold 5/29/00 to Barry & Debbie Fonseca
Seller Clients Bruce & Pam Bayuk.

Sunset Hill House Inn and Restaurant, Sugar Hill, NH.
Sold 3/31/00 to Lon and Nancy Henderson
Intensive Buyer Clients

The Manor on Golden Pond, A Bed & Breakfast Inn,  Holderness, NH.
Sold 11/15/99 $4,075,000 to Brian & Mary Ellen Shields
Seller Clients John & Bambi Arnold

Sea Crest By The Sea, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Spring Lake, NJ.
Sold 11/1/99 $1,800,000 to Fred & Virginia Vogel
Seller Clients John & Carol Kirby

Garth Woodside Mansion, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Hannibal, MO.
Sold 8/30/99 $695,000 to John & Julie Rolsen
Seller Clients Irv & Diane Feinberg.

The Mill House Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, East Hampton, LI, NY.
Sold 7/30/99 $1,250,000 to Gary & Sylvia Muller
Seller Client David Hartnett.

The Fairville Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Mendenhall, PA.
Sold 4/1/99  $2,300,000 to Eleanor & Tom Everitt
Seller Client Ole Retlev.

The Governor’s Inn and Restaurant, Ludlow, VT.   
Sold 2/5/99   $625,000 to Jim & Cathy Kubec
Seller Clients Charlie & Deedy Marble.

The Emerson By The Sea Inn and Restaurant, Rockport, MA.
Sold 4/ /98 to Bruce & Michelle Coates
Intensive Buyer Clients.

The Woolverton Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn,  Stockton, NJ.
Sold 4/16/98 to Mark Smith, Matthew Lovett and Carolyn McGavin
Intensive Buyer Clients.

The Four Chimney’s Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, Bennington, VT.   
Sold 3/15/98 $1,500,000 to Harold & Chris Cullison
Seller Client Ron Schefkind.

The Weathervane Inn, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, So. Egremont, MA.     
Sold 6/29/98  $850,000 to Jeff & Maxine Lome
Seller Clients Vince & Anne Murphy

The Arlington Inn and Restaurant, Arlington, VT.
Sold 7/98  $1,750,000 to Bill and Sherry Noonan
Intensive Buyer Clients
















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Pamela Long, Proprietor

Pamela Long, proprietor and Principal Broker of East Coast Inn Brokers has specialized in the sale of fine lodging and dining properties for the past 16 years. Pam earned a BA in Philosophy with a minor in Art History from Connecticut College in 1980 after which she worked in the family real estate business for 17 years. During that time, she was one of the top five residential sales people in Southern Vermont and handled all the advertising and marketing for the family business.

In the fall of 1997, Pam joined the nationally acclaimed Inn consulting firm of Oates & Bredfeldt. At Oates & Bredfeldt, Pam worked as the Transaction Manager overseeing close to 30 Inn sales all over the eastern seaboard. Her area of expertise was seeking out Inn financing sources and helping buyers put together business plans to obtain the best available financing terms for their particular Inn acquisition. In January of 2000, Pam joined the Hearthside Group, hospitality business brokers handling the sale of 20 hospitality properties in Vermont and New Hampshire over a span of 10 years. Between the spring of 2008 and 2010, Pam obtained real estate licenses in Massachusetts and Maine in order to handle the sale of Inns in a wider market, particularly New England’s coastal resort areas.  In November of 2010, Pam left the Hearthside group to start her own company, East Coast Inn Brokers, which is now licensed in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Pam lives in Brattleboro Vermont with her husband, Richard Foley, a college professor at Keene State College.  Pam’s interests include cooking, gardening and studying ancient civilizations and alternative theories of the origins of religion and mythology.  Pam is a strong supporter and advocate for locally grown, organic Non-GMO food, naturopathic medicine and homeopathy and alternative cancer treatments.  Pam has served on the boards of the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, The New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution and the Brattleboro Tennis Club.  Pam is an avid tennis player playing on numerous USTA League Teams that regularly compete in the New England District and Sectional Championships.

Hospitality Properties Sold

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